Shree Suryanarayana temple of Naravi is among those unique temples and sacred places in India which occupies its own spiritual space. The temple stands majestically in the heart of Naravi Village which lies in the base of Western Ghats, amidst an atmosphere of divinity. One of the ancient and revered shrines of the coastal region, it attracts devotees from a wide spectrum of the society, who find solace and inspiration in its holy precincts. This temple is adjoined with a beautiful River SUVARNA which has its origin in Western Ghats.


        Lord Suryanarayana is the main deity of Shree Suryanarayana temple of Naravi. Main deity is said to be belonging to 14th century and now the temple has undergone a complete renovation with a brand new look. Thousands of devotees come here from far and wide to offer sevas. Lord Suryanarayana deity is a two and a half foot sculptural architecture made up of Rudraksha stone. The Idol is encircled by a Oval shaped PRABHAVALI, a beautiful crouch shaped KIRITA on the top and a pair of hands are carved to hold the lotus. This sculptural design is a typical south Indian architecture belonging to 11th century AD as said by Historian and researcher Dr.P.Gururaj Bhat. Daily offerings such as Karthika Pooja, Flower Pooja, Suryanamaskara Seva, Adithyahridaya Japa, Siyala Abhisheka, Ranga Pooja, Ksheerabhisheka is offered to the Lord as per Madhwa tradition, along with the customary thrikala poojas. The annual Jathra Mohotsava which is held with pomp and gaiety is attended by thousands of devotees from people all across the regions. Other festivals that fall in various months of the Hindu calendar are being celebrated in the temple. During utsavas people offer voluntary services to Lord Shree Suryanarayana as a mark of their devotion. Brahma Kalasha Mohothsava & Jathra Mohothsava from 6-May-2011 to 15-May-2011.Karnataka CM to make his gracious presence

Daily Temple Darshan Timings


Morning  6 AM - 1 PM

Evening  4 PM - 8 PM

Daily Temple Pooja Timings


Morning       6 AM
Afternoon   12:30 PM

Evening       6:30 PM- 7 PM

The Vedic sculpture of the Hindu religion refers to the sun as the store house of inexhaustible power and radiance. The Vedas are full of hymns describing the celestial body as source and sustainer of all life on earth. Reference to Sun worship is found in the purana. The Ramayana speaks of sage Agastya initiating Lord Rama into Sun worship through the adithya hridaya mantra. There are few temples enshrining the sun god as the principal deity. And the Suryanarayana temple at Naravi is the oldest temple in Karnataka dedicated to Sun God. The stone inscription at the temple mentions about a land grant for the temple by Saathvi Ramaa Devi in the year 1489.Thousands of pilgrims visit the temple during the auspicious sankranthi time and take part in temple rituals. The popular belief is that performing Karthik Puja, Ranga Puja and Adithya Hridaya are sure to grant you the wish. The sanctum sanctorum and the associated structure of the temple were dilapidated. Much need renovation work has been carried under the guidance of honorary president Padmabhushan Dr|| D Veerendra heggade of Sri Kshetra Dharmastala. Today one can see the marvelous structure at the cost close to 1.2 crore standing still in this holy land.